I contacted Get Car Advice to help me find the best 4 door car that I could get for my budget of less than $320 per month. My friends were telling me that I should look at new Mazda3, Civic, Corolla, Sentra and the like. My consultant asked lots of questions to understand my desired features, colors etc.. He told me that he will do research over the next day and see what's the best car for me to get within my budget. Imagine my surprise when he called me to ask if a brand new Mercedes C300 would be something that I want. I couldn't believe that it was possible but agreed to go for a test drive. Long story short, I now drive a Brand New 2013 Mercedes C300, Get Car Advice negotiated an unbelievable lease payment and terms for me to make this possible. Needless to say all my friends and family will be future customers of Get Car Advice!