When I decided to buy a car, Get Car Advice was the only place I could think of to turn to that was knowledgeable and trustworthy in the matter.  I didn’t know what model or make of the car I wanted; all I had were preferences.  “It has to be small, sporty, and come in a bright red color”,  I told my consultant.  My consultant recommended a few models that fit my criteria, and called to arrange for a test drive for me so I could try them out. When I looked at the new Honda Accord Coupe, I knew that was the type of car I’ve been looking for.  The dealer offered a price for my trade in but Get Car Advice had to be sure that it was the highest price I could get so they took it to get a second opinion.  Once we made sure my trade-in value was good, they advised me to have a co-signer to get the lowest rates offered by Honda. My consultant negotiated with the dealer for a great price and made sure that I would get the color I wanted because they didn't have it in stock.  I know that I bought my car for the least amount possible and my buying experience was the most enjoyable, and easy. The fee I paid them was worth it and I will use them every time I need a car in the future. Thanks Get Car Advice.

Julia K.